New Legislation Allows People Serving Jailtime for a Misdemeanor to Reduce their Sentences


HB 132, which was enacted in July of this year, promulgated new legislation that allows for people serving misdemeanor time in jail to have their sentences reduced. Below is the basic outline of how it works:

  1. Good Time Credit is equal to 5 days per month. Assuming no write-ups, an inmate can earn a 60 day reduction in time off a twelve (12) month sentence;
  2. An inmate earning his/her GED will earn a thirty (30) day reduction;
  3. Work Detail- If an inmate participates in jobs within the jail, ie. kitchen, grounds, etc. he/she earns 1 credit for every 8 hours worked. After earning 5 credits, an inmate earns 1 day off of their sentence. In other words, an inmate can earn 1 day off their sentence for every 40 hours week they work.
  4. Inmates on work release do not earn any work credit but can earn their good time;
  5. Sentences shall be readjusted dating back to July 15, 2016.

The state prison system has had a scheme in place like this for a long time.  It is good to see the local jails follow suit.

For more information on the Bill, see:

Legislative Briefs: General Assembly chambers to convene on Friday; booking bill gets approval

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