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Ooooops! The Ultimate Sanction

No matter your view on capital punishment, we have to get it right . No one can be brought back from the dead if a mistake is made.


Take a Bite Out of Crime


This method of identification is as archaic as hair analysis .

Lexington’s Panhandling Ordinance is Struck Down by KY Supreme Court

Panhandling Ordinance
Lexington’s Panhandling Ordinance is struck down by the KY Supreme Court. Photo Courtesy of LEX18.

Panhandling Ordinance Found Unconstitutional

The KY Supreme Court has struck down a  Lexington, Kentucky ordinance that regulates panhandling in or near streets and other public places in the city.  The Court found that the ordinance violated panhandler’s First Amendment rights to Free Speech.  The Court has recommended that the man who brought this lawsuit’s conviction should also be overturned.

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Re-Entry for Convicts: Senate Bill 120 Introduced Today

Re-Entry for Convicts

Re-Entry SB120
Governor Bevin introduced SB120, sponsored by Senator Westerfield, on February 14, 2017.  Courtesy of WKYT.

Today, Governor Bevin introduced a new law to help convicts’ re-entry into society.  Senate Bill 120 (SB120) was introduced to the KY Senate for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Senator Whitney Westerfield sponsored the bill.  The  purpose of the Bill is to help those who have served their time to get jobs and treatment.  This bill resulted from the Criminal Justice Reform panel that Governor Bevin initiated this past summer.

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