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Where’d My Money Go?

The Real Culprits

http://Doctor suspended after charges that his illegal prescribing caused three deaths

I have been defending people in federal and state courts for years. During those years I’ve had the opportunity to see how opioids have ravaged Kentuckians’ lives. First it was OxyContin. Then Oxycodone, Percocet and Mollies. Now heroin. Thousands of people addicted to opioids are locked up each year. But what about the drug companies? What about the physicians? Where do they fit into this epidemic? They are the spring from which the water flows. I’ve believed that for years. Read this article for a story about one  who didn’t get away with it.  Please keep in mind that drugs are essential to our overall health and the great majority of physicians do the right thing. But my goodness, whe n they don’t …..Read below to see what I’m talking about

A Last Resort: A Little Used Process That Could Save Your Loved One


Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the opiod epidemic that is gripping not only Kentucky, but the country. Many people have a family member that is in the grips of an opiate addiction, whether it be prescription oxycodone, Percocet or all too often, heroin.

Often times, we watch the addict continue on to the bitter end, eventually dying of an overdose.   There is a little known law in Kentucky called “Casey’s Law” that can help a family.


KSP Angel Initiative: Treatment for Opioid Addiction and Preventing Overdoses

Drug Overdoses
KSP announces its new Angel Initiative, aimed at fighting the rising number of drug overdoses in the state.

Fighting Drug Overdoses

KY State Troopers are stepping up their involvement in fighting opioid addiction and preventing overdoses.  KSP will roll-out its Angel Initiative in March in recognizing that a big part of Kentucky’s drug problem involves the inaccessibility of treatment programs and resources.  The Initiative will allow people who are addicted to opiates to come to any KSP post to receive aid in locating treatment programs and resources without fear of being arrested.  This is a great step in the right direction by recognizing that treatment and education are better tools than criminal punishment for those who need help in breaking the chains of addiction.  KSP hopes to expand the Initiative across the state and become the first state with a state-wide program.

Follow this link for more information about the program:

KSP Angel Initiative

Preventing Overdoses
Overdose Prevention Story Courtesy of WLKY.

Police Officers as Experts? What Colorado has to say about it.

Police Experts:

Countless times in my career, I have had police officers say on the stand “due to my education, experience and training” the defendant was dealing drugs usually in response to how much money the defendant had on him at the time of arrest or if the defendant had more than one phone or had certain paraphernalia.  Despite not having any eyewitness testimony or other compelling evidence, the guy gets convicted. Doesn’t matter that he just sold his car for $4000 or had the extra phone for work in addition to his personal phone (I know of several police officers and prosecutors that carry two phones for that very reason) or that the guy likes to smoke a joint when he gets home from work (I know, it’s a lot different from having a bourbon) so he buys marijuana and weighs it when he buys it to make sure he’s not getting ripped off, off to prison he goes.

Maybe this ruling will help.

Felony Expungement: A Fresh Start

Expungement in Kentucky

Tomorrow is a day that many deserving people in the Commonwealth of Kentucky have been waiting for.  The 2016 General Assembly passed legislation that takes effect that allows certain people who have been convicted of Kentucky’s lowest level of felonies to expunge, or remove, the convictions from their record.

The link below will take you to important information about this groundbreaking process.

A lot of bad things have happened to good people. I’m here to help. CALL ME!speddinglawoffices_home2



FAQ’s for the Ignition Interlock Devices


Ignition Interlock Devices in KY:

This past session the Kentucky State Legislature passed a bill that allows those convicted of DUI, even repeat offenders, to operate a vehicle during their suspension period.  The bill allows for the use of Ignition Interlock devices.

Quite frankly, it has been a difficult process for criminal law practitioners to get a grip on and there has been an enormous amount of inconsistency in the statute’s application and the interaction between the Courts and the Department of Transportation. It seems as though that process is becoming smoother and more uniform from county to county but what I would say to the reader is that you should be patient with your lawyer and the process as he/she works for you to get it done.

As criminal lawyers, we know that the inability to drive after being convicted of DUI has hamstrung clients for many years. The overall concern with the license suspension of a person convicted of DUI is to “get the person off the road”. Well, this device ensures that drivers under the influence are off the road, and at the same time, allows a person to continue to work, take care of their kids and even drive a company vehicle.

Below, you will see information that will explain the law and the process to you. I know no one is anticipating picking up a DUI charge, but just in case….CALL ME. “BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE”


If you find yourself faced with a DUI offense in a Central Kentucky Court, consider contacting my office.  For more information: