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Governor Bevin Unveils New Program to Help Inmates Gain Skilled Jobs Upon Release

Inmate Jobs
Re-Entry Jobs

Inmate Jobs

One of the hardest things to do when inmates get out of prison, is to find jobs.  Let alone good jobs.   Today, Governor Bevin unveiled a new apprenticeship program that will help inmates learn skilled jobs.  This will help inmates meet employers and receive training while still serving their time.  Then, once they are released, they will be more prepared to find good jobs.

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KSP Angel Initiative: Treatment for Opioid Addiction and Preventing Overdoses

Drug Overdoses
KSP announces its new Angel Initiative, aimed at fighting the rising number of drug overdoses in the state.

Fighting Drug Overdoses

KY State Troopers are stepping up their involvement in fighting opioid addiction and preventing overdoses.  KSP will roll-out its Angel Initiative in March in recognizing that a big part of Kentucky’s drug problem involves the inaccessibility of treatment programs and resources.  The Initiative will allow people who are addicted to opiates to come to any KSP post to receive aid in locating treatment programs and resources without fear of being arrested.  This is a great step in the right direction by recognizing that treatment and education are better tools than criminal punishment for those who need help in breaking the chains of addiction.  KSP hopes to expand the Initiative across the state and become the first state with a state-wide program.

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KSP Angel Initiative

Preventing Overdoses
Overdose Prevention Story Courtesy of WLKY.

Lexington’s Panhandling Ordinance is Struck Down by KY Supreme Court

Panhandling Ordinance
Lexington’s Panhandling Ordinance is struck down by the KY Supreme Court. Photo Courtesy of LEX18.

Panhandling Ordinance Found Unconstitutional

The KY Supreme Court has struck down a  Lexington, Kentucky ordinance that regulates panhandling in or near streets and other public places in the city.  The Court found that the ordinance violated panhandler’s First Amendment rights to Free Speech.  The Court has recommended that the man who brought this lawsuit’s conviction should also be overturned.

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Re-Entry for Convicts: Senate Bill 120 Introduced Today

Re-Entry for Convicts

Re-Entry SB120
Governor Bevin introduced SB120, sponsored by Senator Westerfield, on February 14, 2017.  Courtesy of WKYT.

Today, Governor Bevin introduced a new law to help convicts’ re-entry into society.  Senate Bill 120 (SB120) was introduced to the KY Senate for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Senator Whitney Westerfield sponsored the bill.  The  purpose of the Bill is to help those who have served their time to get jobs and treatment.  This bill resulted from the Criminal Justice Reform panel that Governor Bevin initiated this past summer.

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Criminal Justice Reform, Coming Soon to Kentucky!

Criminal Justice Reform
Criminal Justice Reform, image credit Thinkstock and story courtesy of

Criminal Justice Reform

This past summer, Kentucky’s Governor created a council to consider proposed changes to the state’s criminal justice system.  The council has created proposals for criminal justice reform in the state.  This would result in reduced jail time for many lower level offenses.  This new approach is often referred to by the slogan, “Smart on Crime.”  Lawmakers will consider the council’s recommendations in coming legislative sessions.

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KY Judge Makes it to Trump’s Top-21 List

(courtesy of

KY Judge, Amul Thapar, is on President-Elect, Donald Trump’s list of 21 candidates he is considering to fill the US Supreme Court vacancy.  Read the article below to learn more about Judge Thapar.

To Die or Not to Die? That is the Question

Capital Punishment
Supreme Court Chambers

Capital Punishment and Mental Illness:

Whether you are in favor of the death penalty or against it, the following story could lead to a very disturbing result.

Are we going to put to death those who suffer from mental disease? Are the methods we use to determine the issue of  competence outdated?

We are getting ready to find out. See the article below.

Death penalty, the mentally disabled at issue for justices: