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Cheers! New Liquor Laws on the Books in KY

Is the legislature finally moving away from viewing alcohol in Kentucky as the Devil’s Brew? On July 15, 2016, several laws relating to liquor, alcohol sales, brewing, etc. came into effect. The Courier Journal did a nice job setting these new laws out.

See the link below for a summary.  Cheers!


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Beefing Up Patrols: KSP out in Full Force over the Holiday Weekend

Thinking of drinking and driving this weekend? Think again

What Do I Do at a DUI Checkpoint?

DUI Checkpoint Rules

For many of you, DUI Checkpoints are nothing to be feared. However, there are those unlucky few who encounter a checkpoint in Kentucky. Most of the time, things go downhill even if you have truly had just a “couple of beers”.  Before you go out this holiday weekend, take a look at this story to see how the law is changing on how the police can conduct checkpoints in Kentucky. Happy 4th !speddinglawoffices_dui1


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