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Governor Bevin Unveils New Program to Help Inmates Gain Skilled Jobs Upon Release

Inmate Jobs
Re-Entry Jobs

Inmate Jobs

One of the hardest things to do when inmates get out of prison, is to find jobs.  Let alone good jobs.   Today, Governor Bevin unveiled a new apprenticeship program that will help inmates learn skilled jobs.  This will help inmates meet employers and receive training while still serving their time.  Then, once they are released, they will be more prepared to find good jobs.

See this news article for more information.

Re-Entry for Convicts: Senate Bill 120 Introduced Today

Re-Entry for Convicts

Re-Entry SB120
Governor Bevin introduced SB120, sponsored by Senator Westerfield, on February 14, 2017.  Courtesy of WKYT.

Today, Governor Bevin introduced a new law to help convicts’ re-entry into society.  Senate Bill 120 (SB120) was introduced to the KY Senate for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Senator Whitney Westerfield sponsored the bill.  The  purpose of the Bill is to help those who have served their time to get jobs and treatment.  This bill resulted from the Criminal Justice Reform panel that Governor Bevin initiated this past summer.

For more information, see: http://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Lawmakers-introduce-bill-to-help-convicts-more-easily-re-enter-society-413716783.html

Felony Conviction Box No Longer On State Job Applications

Felons Jobs

Governor Bevin just signed an order that will help felons get jobs.  The order will remove the Felony Conviction box on State job application forms.

Bevin Sign Felon Jobs
Governor Bevin Signs Removal of Conviction Box on State Job Applications, courtesy of www.wkyt.com

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